[Bldg-sim] ISO: Weather format testers

Linda Lawrie lklawrie at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 06:44:27 PST 2021

In addition to the formatted output that https://climate.onebuilding.org/ (C1B)
produces: EPW (EnergyPlus weather format), CLM (ESP-r weather format), and
WEA (Daysim weather format) along with DDY (ASHRAE design conditions in
EnergyPlus format), RAIN (hourly precipitation in mm, where available), and
STAT (expanded EnergyPlus weather statistics), we are considering adding
PVsyst and natHERS formats to our production.

However, we would like some people to test these formats and/or even tell
us if this is a good idea.

Please respond privately to this email address and tell us of your
comments/interest (including
possible locations).

Thanks in advance

Linda - sent from my phone (not iPhone)
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