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 February 2021 Newsletter
Thank you to our sponsors for their continued support! Become an IBPSA-USA
sponsor. <https://www.ibpsa.us/become-sponsor>See all of our sponsors.

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*Ask a Modeler: How do You Effectively Communicate with Architects and
Engineers Who May be Resistant to Giving Up Control?*

This month Bill Sommer, Project Manager at Sain Engineering Associates,
replies: *"Dear Teacher, In the Northwest, I’d probably use a craft beer.
California? Wine, of course. Here in the Southeast, bourbon does the trick.
You are part of a team, so you need to be a team player. Teamwork is a
mental discipline. Understand the roles, responsibilities, and most
importantly, the influences driving your teammates decision making..."*

Read More.
*Challenges with Early-Design Analysis*
What do you think?

Hello from the IBPSA-USA Architectural Simulations Research Committee! Our
primary goal is connecting architecture practitioners with simulation
experts. To help prioritize our goals for 2021, we would like your feedback
on understanding your challenges with early design analysis. With this
feedback, we hope to tailor our deliverables towards what is most needed
e.g. webinar series, introducing faster, simpler tools, generating
guidelines, or aggregating resources.
Click To Have Your Voice Heard <https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IBPSAonly>
*A Delicate Balance: Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality in the
COVID-19 Era - IBPSA-USA Research Committee Webinar Recording*

In this talk, Van Den Wymelenberg will briefly illustrate historic
relationships of buildings and health, present novel research on techniques
to conduct indoor microbial surveillance, and elaborate on the relationship
between layered disease transmission risk mitigation strategies, energy
consumption, and to some extent building simulation.

View the Video on Our Youtube Channel

See All News <http://www.ibpsa.us/news>
Upcoming Events <http://ibpsa.us/events>

*Feb. 23: Full Building Energy Modeling in Grasshopper and Honeybee -
IBPSA-USA Boston Chapter*

This presentation -- featuring Chris Mackey and Mingbo Peng from Ladybug
Tools LLC -- will cover a newly developed Grasshopper toolset -Ironbug-
that allows designers and engineers to set all possible parameters for
customizing and creating various HVAC configurations in a more automated
way, cutting down modeling time from weeks to days.

Learn More.
*Feb. 25: A Room with a View: Simulating Daylight and Outdoor Space in
Multi-Unit Residential Buildings with Balconies - IBPSA-USA Research

In this talk, Dr. Terri Peters will briefly identify key building
performance and liveability challenges in contemporary Multi-unit
residential buildings (MURB) design, summarize the results of novel
simulation based research on the influence of balcony typologies on
daylighting, present current work on the development of design guidelines
for daylight, balcony design, and elaborate on new directions for
simulation and design for liveability in MURB.

Learn More.

Other Events:
*Feb. 23: DesignBuilder Webinar - Design Optimization: Making Rigorous
Cost-Benefit Simulations a Reality*

If you would like to understand how design optimization can be applied to
real-world projects to both improve your design and reduce your design
risk, then this free webinar is for you. The webinar will illustrate in
simple terms how you can use design optimization to undertake rigorous
cost-benefit analysis and ultimately design better buildings in less time.

Learn More.

Committees and Working Groups
We encourage all members to participate in our BEM Community. Our wide
array of Committees offer members the opportunity to participate in
important work, meeting new friends and feel great about moving our
industry forward. All committee meetings are open and we encourage everyone
to drop in anytime. *See our meeting calendar for all upcoming meeting
dates and times.* <https://www.ibpsa.us/zoom-meeting-calendar>

   - Research <https://www.ibpsa.us/committees-and-working-groups#Research>
      - Next Meeting: March 11, 2021 at 12pm-1pm Pacific
   - Education
      - Next Meeting: February 19, 2021 at 10am-11am Pacific
   - Communications
   - Finance and Development
   - Building Data Exchange
   - Chapters <https://www.ibpsa.us/committees-and-working-groups#Chapters>
      - Next Meeting: March, 12, 2021 at 2pm-3pm Pacific

Below are just a few of the jobs available now. Browse current open
listings on our job board, and sign-up to post your own:
*https://jobs.ibpsa.us/* <https://jobs.ibpsa.us/>

Central Plant Optimization Modeling Engineer at Johnson Controls

Job openings at Berkeley Lab in Modelica-based Tool Development & in MPC
for Building Energy Systems

Senior High Performance Building Engineer/Analyst - Codes & Standards at
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