[Bldg-sim] Mapping DOAS in Energy Cost Budget

Saif A saif.a.abdulameer at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 13:40:21 PST 2021


I’m working on a hotel that has an air cooled chiller, the guest rooms are
conditioned by fan coil units and the outdoor air is provided via a DOAS
that uses natural gas for heating. According to the energy cost budget
method each system should be mapped  one-to-one on figure 11.5.2. The fan
coils will be mapped as system 8 (heat pump), but I am not sure how to map
the dedicated outside air system, I thought to model it identical to the
proposed building, but that means a chiller needs to be added to the
baseline model which does not make sense to me. I thought of using only
system 8 for conditioning and providing the outside air to the guest rooms,
but the energy cost budget requires to model the secondary heating source
identical to the proposed model so I am not sure how to separate the
heating source for outside air from the space heating. Any thoughts on how
to model the baseline?

Thank you,
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