[Bldg-sim] Exterior Lighting & Performance Path

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Hi Madhav,

You are correct. Exterior lighting power is part of the mandatory provisions (section 9.4) for chapter 9. The only thing I would check is to see if the additional unrestricted allowance (90.1-2007) or base site allowance (90.1-2010+) can make it so your façade lighting meets the maximum allowable requirement. Some people don't seem to realize that this additional allowance can be applied to either tradable or non-tradable surfaces. You might also double check that any of the exceptions to the exterior lighting power aren't applicable like lighting used to highlight features of public monuments and registered historic landmark structures or buildings.

Hope that helps.


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Hello everyone - Happy Friday!

We have a project where exterior façade (non-tradeable) lighting is exceeding code minimum allowance. The Owner thinks we can do a performance path approach and gain efficiency using interior lighting.

I don't think this is an option because App G and C407 in IECC specifically ask to meet mandatory measures for Exterior Lighting which includes exterior lighting allowance.

Am I wrong?

Appreciate your insights!


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