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We are starting to use it some for load calculations. The built in load calculations use an older RTS method and has some geometry issues. Revit 2020 now has OpenStudio built in and uses a different workflow to create geometry that is more robust. The interface isn't intended to replace a full energy modeling platform, but you can do space loads and system loads fairly well using the EnergyPlus heat balance method. We are in the process of comparing results between Trace 700 and Revit calcs at this point. Has anyone else tried this? Any comments to share?

I recommend watching Ian Molloy's AU presentation to get started with Revit loads and energy:


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Hello All,

I have been hearing about Revit having energy analysis and HVAC loads capabilities for some time now, but have been skeptical about its rigor and usability. Can anyone chime in on the merits and drawbacks of Revit for heating and cooling load calculation and energy modeling?


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