[Bldg-sim] Design and Modelling Ground Source Heat Pump Systems Webinar - Final Call

David Cocking David.Cocking at designbuilder.co.uk
Mon May 11 07:16:53 PDT 2020

The potential for ground source heat pump and variable refrigerant flow systems to positively impact building performance has made them increasingly popular design choices in recent years. Have you ever wondered how these systems can be modelled effectively to improve the design process? If so, our webinar this Thursday 14th May will help.

The webinar will show you how the performance of these systems can be simulated to help inform your design decisions. We will illustrate best practice modelling techniques using DesignBuilder EnergyPlus and highlight some important points to help you confidently design and model ground source heat pump and VRF systems in your own projects. You can register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/670864126966608396

Two experienced consulting engineers, Brendan Hall of CHA Consulting and Mattie DeDoes of Karpinski Engineering, will use separate case studies to show you how ground heat exchangers can be effectively modelled to improve HVAC system efficiency. The webinar will include:

  *   An introduction briefly explaining ground source heat pump types and how they work, ground heat exchanger design considerations, and EnergyPlus ground heat exchanger fundamentals.
  *   Exporting heating and cooling loads from DesignBuilder into the GLD ground heat exchanger design software for more detailed and accurate sizing calculations for a range of borehole layouts and ground properties.
  *   Importing the calculated G-function data from GLD into DesignBuilder to improve model accuracy, and setting up and simulating the system with modular chillers.
  *   Modelling a hybrid geothermal system to gain 90% of the energy reduction for only 60% of the cost of a full ground source system.
  *   A brief introduction to VRF fundamentals and system types.
  *   Guidance on using DesignBuilder and EnergyPlus VRF performance curves, and top tips on pairing a ground heat exchanger with a water cooled VRF system
  *   A performance comparison between air and water-cooled VRF systems.

You can register to watch the webinar live on 14th May or to access the recording here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/670864126966608396. Mattie has put together his own summary guide on modelling VRF systems which will be made available after the webinar to all those that register.

To whet your appetite for this webinar, you can find this earlier case study from Brendan on "design and modeling a geothermal system": https://designbuilder.co.uk/casestudies/Case%20Study_CH-UH_High_School_DesignBuilder.pdf. Other informative content including case studies, webinars and tutorials is freely available from https://designbuilder.co.uk/
All the very best of health to you, your families, friends and colleagues during these challenging times.

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