[Bldg-sim] What is the environmental impact of your diet? Take this survey to find out!

Christoph Reinhart tito_ at mit.edu
Fri Apr 3 10:10:59 PDT 2020

Dear all:

The food sector accounts for a quarter of global GHG emissions. What you eat matters! Build your personal FOODprint<https://urbanfoodprints.com/#/survey> and compare yourself to your peers and others.

Given that we all think constantly about GHG emissions stemming from constructing and operating buildings, Some of you might be interested in  this playful, online personal FOODprint calculator<https://urbanfoodprints.com/#/survey>. In case you are interested, we can add your company as a "group" to the survey. We would then send you the average carbon content of everybody in your organization. (We need at least ten individuals per organization to maintain participants' privacy.)

Stay healthy and eat well,

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