[Bldg-sim] Sefaira and LEED

Matt Steen msteen at ambient-e.com
Mon Nov 18 13:28:47 PST 2019

Sefaira could be used for the Integrative Process credit to evaluate load reductions before Schematic Design, but not for documenting savings for the Energy Performance prerequisite and credit using the 100% Construction Documents. The main issue is that Sefaira does not allow users to hard-size the mechanical systems (as far as I know), which is a requirement for the LEED Energy Performance prerequisiste/credit. Users could presumably export the Sefaira IDF to EnergyPlus/OpenStudio/DesignBuilder to use it as a starting point for a full LEED model.


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I would like to know whether you have any experience in using Sefaira for energy simulation for LEED v.4 (APPENDIX G PERFORMANCE RATING METHOD of ASHARE 90.1), please.
If you have, do you export the model into EnergyPlus or you complete the model in Sefaira?
Best regards
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