[Bldg-sim] Free Webinar: Making EnergyPlus viable for industry energy modelers

David Cocking David.Cocking at designbuilder.co.uk
Mon Nov 4 03:17:01 PST 2019

EnergyPlus is widely regarded as the best building performance simulation engine available, but it doesn't come with a free user-friendly interface. If you are interested in using EnergyPlus and have found OpenStudio or the IDF Editor too complex or time-consuming to learn or to use, you will be interested in this free webinar: https://bit.ly/36nNPnW

A faster and easier way to use EnergyPlus:

DesignBuilder's graphical user interface to EnergyPlus makes the whole modeling process more intuitive and provides a stable and responsive simulation workflow. It gives you a fast way to learn and to use EnergyPlus. We'd like to show you how in a live demonstration lasting around 30-minutes where you will find out how DesignBuilder can help you to quickly and easily:

* Create model geometry or import it from other software.

* Significantly reduce model data input time using our unique data management tools.

* Edit your model geometry as the design or available information changes.

* Model a wide variety of HVAC systems, including multiple systems in one zone.

* Develop your early-stage model for detailed design, LEED certification etc.

* Generate a completed LEED v4 Minimum Energy Performance Calculator spreadsheet.

* Calculate heating and cooling loads using the ASHRAE heat balance method.

* Visualize results such as incident solar gain on internal and external building surfaces.

* Automatically create an ASHRAE 90.1 baseline building and HVAC system from your proposed building.

* QA-check your model.

If you need to go beyond EnergyPlus capabilities, another major advantage of DesignBuilder is that our high-productivity interface is also fully integrated with Radiance and CFD engines. So you can use the same model you already developed for your energy/comfort analysis and heating/cooling loads, and then quickly generate Radiance daylighting and CFD thermal comfort outputs. Still within our 30 minutes, we'll show that you can also:

* Generate LEED v4 daylighting credit reports using DesignBuilder's Radiance tools.

* Solve challenging comfort problems in a fraction of the time using DesignBuilder's CFD tools.

Productivity and cost-savings:

You simply couldn't do all this in 30 minutes using other tools, and that is indicative of the productivity gains you could achieve using DesignBuilder.

Our aim in the webinar is to show you that when you use DesignBuilder you can cover all the bases your clients need in the minimum modeling time. We also hope the webinar will prove that the supposed need for separate architectural and engineering simulation tools is a myth. You can cover the whole spectrum of normal industry modeling activity using DesignBuilder, which could significantly reduce your software costs. Our customers that started using EnergyPlus through free tools first tell us that the relatively low cost of DesignBuilder is repaid very quickly through faster and easier modeling.

The webinar will last around an hour including time for questions at the end. It will be recorded so if you are not able to attend the live webinar please register anyway to receive a follow-up email with a link to the recording. You can register free here: https://bit.ly/36nNPnW

Kind Regards,

David Cocking
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