[Bldg-sim] MarcoFlow and ApacheHVAC coupling

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Hi Karol

You could try one of the "RoomAirSettings" models in E+.
There should be an example file in the E+ installation directory that can
be run "out of the box". You could mess with this. Rather than coupling
network airflow and hvac network these models are typically based on 1d
finite elements or fixed (known) temperature gradients and don't require
the zone to be split horizontally.



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> Dear All
> My question refer to IES VE.
> Do you know some description how couple Atrium MacroFlow calculation, based
> on temperature stratification with flow forced by fans defined in
> ApacheHVAC?
> We prepare some model with students. Atrium is divided on three air zones
> and MacroFlow calculate flows caused by temperature differences, but we
> would like to add there also flow caused by mechanical system, e.g. inlet
> in
> the lowest part and outlets in windows in the highest part of Atrium.
> Kind regards,
> Karol
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