[Bldg-sim] SURVEY ON BUILDING PERFORMANCE SIMULATION (BPS) TOOLS USERS (Izmir Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture, Turkey)

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I have already filled out this form and sent it to you.
Thank you.
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| SURVEY ON BUILDING PERFORMANCE SIMULATION (BPS) TOOLS USERS (Izmir Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture,Turkey) |
| Dear Participant;
Thank you very much for your participation and support to this survey. Your ideas and answers will be very valuable for my master thesis conducted in Izmir Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture in Turkey. As active energy analysts, your perspective and knowledge on the possibilities and limitations of simulation tools will enable us to understand the role of architects in the simulation process. 
This survey aims to collect information from the users of energy simulation tools in the academic institutions and/or market (by architects, engineers, designers, LEED AP).
The questionnaire consists of 18 questions, and takes approximately 10-15 minutes. The survey questions consist of the following three main headings.
1. Users' backgrounds and experiences with BPS tools;
2. Tools’ integration into the design process and satisfaction with graphic outputs
3. Usability, possibilities and limitations of simulation programs
Thank you
Rahsan Aytül Gülmez RAAFAT
Email address*Name Surname:  Nationality 01) What is your degree of expertise in the use of energy simulation tools?   
   - LEED AP
   - Other:
 02) What kind of simulation studies do you do ?   
   - parametric analyzes where design alternatives are tested
   - user comfort analyzes
   - certification / grading analyzes,
   - Other:
 03) As energy analyst / academician, are you specialized in a specific simulation field? Do you believe that the energy analyst must be competent with all fields?  04) Do you run energy simulations alone or with a team? If you have a team, which experts do you work with? Are there any architects among the energy analysts that work with you? 05) What type of building do you model specifically? 06) Do you provide consultancy services to architectural offices? 07) Do you believe that architects have an important role in energy simulation? 08) What knowledge should architect as energy analyst have using simulation tools? 09) Are the simulation tools sufficient for architects to make mechanical system proposals? Or do you believe that there should be in cooperation with the engineers? 10) In which design phases would you use the simulation tools?   
   - Pre-conceptual
   - Schematic Design
   - Design Development
   - Retrofitting
   - Design Optimization
   - All
 11) How do you plan your simulation analysis process? 12) What building performance simulation tools do you use? Why? Have you ever had to use multiple simulation tools ?   
   - DB
   - EP
   - eQUEST
   - IES
   - Other:
 13) How do you visualize the results to the design team? Are the results of the simulation tool you use sufficient for your analyses? 14) Do you think that the tools you are using are capable of sufficiently simulating complex and specific construction components? 15) Can you bring comparative HVAC system proposals with the simulation tool you use for pre-design architectural projects? 16) Is it easy to simulate a renewable energy system integrated with the project in the simulation tools you use? 17) What are the current possibilities and limitations of the simulation tools you use? 18) What are your future expectations for the development of building energy simulations for usability?
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