[Bldg-sim] Outdoor ice rink modeling

Matt Steen msteen at ambient-e.com
Wed Jun 20 15:29:35 PDT 2018

Hi Christopher,

I just did this in OpenStudio/EnergyPlus, albeit not explicitly because EnergyPlus isn’t currently able to model a PlantLoop using refrigerant as the working fluid.

Here’s a summary of the system I modeled for an outdoor ~16k ft2 ice rink at a city park in Indiana.

(1) Flooded Chiller (refrigerant/brine)
(3) Compressors
(1) Evaporative Condenser (refrigerant/water)
(1) Condenser Pump
(1) Condenser Fan
(3) Brine Pumps

Here’s the methodology I used, which I plan to use to claim savings for LEED through an exceptional calculation.

 1.  Have the design engineer calculate the hourly cooling load on the plant using the weather data from the TMY file.

[cid:image003.png at 01D408B3.DB75B6C0]

 1.  Adjust the cooling load profile to remove loads during the months when the ice rink is not expected to typically operate (Mar – Nov).

[cid:image005.png at 01D408B3.DB75B6C0]

 1.  Calculate the gross COP of the plant by dividing the total cooling capacity (W) by the total HP (W) of the compressors, pumps, and fans.

 1.  Calculate the hourly electrical load of the plant by dividing the hourly cooling load (W) by the COP (W/W).

 1.  Determine the peak electrical load of the plant (W).

 1.  Calculate the hourly peak electrical load fraction by dividing the electrical load for each hour of the year by the peak electrical load, which results in a constant (greater than zero) operating schedule during the ice rink season.

[cid:image006.png at 01D408B3.DB75B6C0]

 1.  Adjust the peak electrical load fraction profile to account for the system cycling/staging on/off by setting fractions below 25% to zero. This was my main assumption based on the number of compressors, so adjust to fit your project.

[cid:image012.png at 01D408B3.DB75B6C0]

 1.  I used a Ruby script to add the annual hourly schedule as a ScheduleFixedInterval object to my model using the OpenStudio API (example<https://unmethours.com/question/14348/can-you-load-schedulefile-in-openstudio/>).

 1.  The ice rink system was modeled using the EnergyPlus object Exterior:FuelEquipment<https://bigladdersoftware.com/epx/docs/8-9/input-output-reference/group-exterior-energy-use-equipment.html#exteriorfuelequipment> with the Design Level field set to the peak electrical load in (W) and the peak electrical load fraction profile as the Schedule. For each hour of the year, the peak load value is multiplied by the peak load fraction to determine the energy use (Wh) during the simulation. I used an OpenStudio measure to add this object to the model during the simulation.

Hope that helps.

Matt Steen
Building Performance Engineer
ambient energy
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Subject: [Bldg-sim] Outdoor ice rink modeling

Hello Simulistas,
I am working on a large community centre – swimming pools, indoor ice arenas, multi-purpose rooms, library, admin offices plus an outdoor ice rink cooled by the ice plant. I have experience modeling indoor ice rinks but not outdoor. Any ideas?

Christopher R Jones, P.Eng.
T+ 1 416-644-0252

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