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Dear Joe and Luis,

Thank you for your replies to my question and apologies for my very late reply to you both. Unfortunately the data from official, synoptic weather stations is airfield data and thus not applicable to my situation as there is no difference in microclimate (no changes in wind or rainfall due to surrounding building). The same goes for the Met Eireann information (if of interest, the Climatological notes 13 and 3 about wind driven rain can also be found and downloaded here as well: https://www.met.ie/education/publications/climatological-notes)

I am looking specific for wind driven rain data, or indeed combined wind and precipitation data that can be converted to wind driven rain, for different (sub)urban settings. The suggestion for looking at ‘personal weather stations’ is very interesting, although this has the issue of uncertainty about the quality of the measurements.

Kind regards,


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Try this link

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Thanks for the tip.  I went to the link, which by the way is for the Irish Meteorological Service,  and read that it said, "The amount of rain received by a wall correlates fairly well with the product of rainfall and the component of the wind speed normal to the wall. This led Lacy and Shellard to propose the product of the mean annual rainfall and the mean annual wind speed as a driving rain index which is proportional to the total rainfall driven in one year on to a vertical surface always facing the wind",  which is functionally quite close to what I was envisioning, i.e., WDR = LP * f(wspd, wdir),  where LP is Liquid Precipitation or Rainfall. However, when I clicked on the link to the actual paper cited,  the Meteireann web site responded that  "404: Page not found".  Therefore, I still don't know the function that converts LP or rainfall to WDR.


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On 7/4/2018 2:30 PM, Luis Miguel Blanes Restoy wrote:
Hi Roel and Joe

Did you look at available data from Met Eireann? There is a paper regarding WDR index calculation method that may be of your interest. See below link.



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What is your definition for Wind-driven Rain?  Practically all weather station reports, including official stations available in NOAA's ISD as well as unofficial "Personal Weather Stations" hosted on WeatherUnderground, contain information on liquid precipitation (LP), wind speed, and wind direction.  Can the WDR be calculated from these standard parameters, maybe as the LP * f(wspd, wdir) ?

On 7/4/2018 3:52 AM, Roel Tersteeg via Bldg-sim wrote:
Dear all,

For the verification of a model to estimate wind driven rain (WDR) I would like to use WDR data from different microclimates (rural, (sub)urban). I have access to several data sets of free field or airfield WDR measurements from different locations and the results from a measurement campaign in Vancouver. To better evaluate the model I would like to use measured data from one or more locations with different microclimates, not being free field or airfield sites.

My question is if someone knows if measurements are available of wind driven rain in one or more microclimates?

Kind regards,

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