[Bldg-sim] Test your knowledge of simulation weather file formats Part 1: the DOE-2 *.BIN/*.BINM format

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Clearly the problem is that it's too damn cold to put buildings there! At
least buildings with people in them :)

[image: Images intégrées 2]

It's the first time I realize that -40°C is -40°F.

Note: I replied to Joe off list, to not beat the point of his contest, this
is just a lame joke: my apologies to the 4000 souls living in Barrow that
are probably in a two-month-long night right now!


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2017-12-06 7:51 GMT+01:00 Joe Huang via Bldg-sim <
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> This is the first of several posts regarding the nitty-gritty of
> commonly-used weather file formats.  Just to add some excitement to this
> rather dry topic, I thought I'd post them as little contests of your
> familiarity with weather files or at least your visual acumen.
> The first weather file format I'm putting under the microscope is the
> DOE-2 *.bin format.  Since the *.bin is a packed binary format, the files
> are not readily observable, and consequently there's been more than a
> little confusion in what they contain.
> I've attached a zip file that contains a weather file for Barrow Alaska
> 2012 along with a DOE-2 hourly file listing the contents of this weather
> file. See if you can detect  the three things in this hourly dump of the
> weather data that's unusual or different. Hint: the hourly file was
> produced with a slightly modified version of the DOE-2.1E program. If you
> ran the weather file with the standard DOE-2.1E it will probably crash, and
> even with DOE-2.2 you will not see all the differences.
> You can either post your answers on the mail server or send them to me via
> e-mail. The first five persons to get the right answers will get a free
> historical year weather file of your choice from the White Box Technologies
> web site.  I will announce the results on Thursday, as well as explain what
> these three differences indicate about the DOE-2 *.bin weather format.
> Joe
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