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Roth, Amir Amir.Roth at EE.Doe.Gov
Tue Dec 19 09:20:03 PST 2017

Hello everyone,

Two years ago, the DOE Building Technologies Office (BTO) shut down the old statically managed building energy software tools directory which was a hosted an NREL and transferred the contents to IBPSA-USA. IBPSA reconstituted the directory on a more modern CMS-based platform, adding needed functionality for search, sort, rate and review, as well as an API. The not so new directory is at https://buildingenergysoftwaretools.com/. Some of the old listings (e.g., ones corresponding to programs that can no longer be found on the web) are gone. There are new listings as well.

The new directory uses dynamic, user-generated content. If you have a building-energy related software or software-related service (e.g., training) and want that product, service to be listed, simply create an account and one or more entries. There is no need to submit any forms. Once the entries are published-IBPSA and DOE curate the directory to ensure that all entries are legitimate (i.e., not spam) and relevant (i.e., related to building-energy software)-you can update them at any time to reflect new releases or simply provide more or new information.

The API is still limited but allows organizations to filter the directory to create dynamic listings. For instance, DOE's previously static listing for EnergyPlus training services has been replaced by the link: https://buildingenergysoftwaretools.com/?capabilities=Training+Services&keys=EnergyPlus.  The API is freely available, and we plan to expand and refine it over time as new use cases emerge. In fact, we will continue to do the same for the directory as a whole.

Again, if you have a relevant software or software-service please consider creating a listing on this resource.

Best (directory) and a happy holiday season,


Amir Roth, Ph.D.
Technology Manager, Building Energy Modeling
Building Technologies Office / EERE / US DOE
O: 202.287.1694

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