[Bldg-sim] emissivity of air

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Mon Apr 3 05:34:31 PDT 2017

Dear all,

In IES apache 'simulation options' there is a setting called 'Internal air
emissivity model'. This model has the effect of moist air dampening higher
radiant temperatures. Apparently, this effect is more pronounced in large
spaces - though I haven't tested this.

IES seems to be quite unique in implementing the 'emissivity of air'.

The concept seems a little unusual to me. So, I was wondering what
experiences the simulation community has of this phenomenon? Where else it
may be implemented in simulation tools? And, how does it feature for common
comfort temperature assessments involving some combination of radiant
temperatures (e.g. operative)?

Also, might it also demonstate enhanced comfort for systems with direct
adiabatic cooling in dry climates (e.g. spray bar in supply side of AHU)?

Best regards

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