[Bldg-sim] eQuest heat pump performance curves

Fernando Varela fvarela at ind.uned.es
Wed Nov 11 23:21:34 PST 2015

Dear users:

I've noticed that eQuest heat pump performance curves:


which refer, respectively, to the temperature capacity factor of the heat
pump in normal and defrost mode, seem to be exchanged. This is,
ChlrHPAirHeatCap-fHW&39+ curve seems to be the defrost mode curve, and
ChlrHPAirHeatCap-fHW&39- the curve regarding to normal mode.

I've plotted (with fixed condensing temperature) both capacities varying
exterior temperature, and  taking the curves in the opposite way  (below
39ºF,ChlrHPAirHeatCap-fHW&39+, and ChlrHPAirHeatCap-fHW&39- above 39ºF ),
the resulting HP capacity curve seems more like it should be.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance.

*Fernando Varela Díez*
Dpto. Ingeniería Energética - ETSI Industriales
Email: fvarela at ind.uned.es
Tlf: 91 398 6468

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
C/ Juan del Rosal, 12. Despacho 2.20
Ciudad Universitaria, 28040, Madrid
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